9 Things No One Likes About Youth Sports

I couldn’t agree more about the things Janis Meredith highlights in the below post as being unfortunate in youth sports today.


Coaches who follow the Hustle & Attitude philosophy keep the 1st, 4th, & 7th items from happenning and go a long way towards eliminating the other 6 as well.

The End of the NFL?

I have written (kind of extensively, really) about the issue of head injuries related to football and the impact on youth sports.  The August 29 issue of Sports Illustrated ran an article by Austin Murphy called Endgame that theorizes about life without a National Football League (re-read that using your best Chris Berman NFL Sunday Countdown voice).  Interestingly, one of the primary causes of the NFL going under is cited as issues pertaining to the prevalence of head injuries related to playing football.  One of the key statements relates to the “cancellation of hundreds of high school football programs” and how that dried up the pool of players.  Murphy mentions the movement, which coincides with my recommendation, to keep young players from playing tackle football until high school.  As I have written, flag football is a very viable alternative to tackle football.

Could it really happen?  I think it is entirely possible.  We could be a generation away from not having tackle football at the high school, college, or…dare I say it, the professional level; a world without the NFL.